The Board of Advisors

Welcome to the board of advisors.

When you have sent your application to us, the board has to have a consensus for your approval as their first option. Their second option will be over 60% of their votes for approval. If there is a rejection you will have an email and a clear explanation of what you need to approve to get accepted by the board. Welcome to ISCA. We are working on raising the quality of artists and their art worldwide.

When approved, and the member's fee is paid, you are one of the highly respected artists in the world. You are free to use our logo and the letter of certification in your own marketing.                     We will announce your membership via social media several times a year.

Janni Nyby, artist/gallery owner. Denmark 

Krister Bj√∂rklund, gallery owner/artist. Sweden  

Elin Olofsson, Public Sector. Sweden 

Johan Tordhag, art curator. Sweden 

Pedro Pablo Bacallao, artist. Cuba 

Ingrid Kullenberg-Bendz, Art Manager. NYC

Vivi Connors, artist. Norway  

Leah Cross, director / Art Manager. UK 

Maria Andersson, artist Sweden

As we are a non-profit organization, we run ISCA on a low-cost profile. The board of advisors is working as voluntary. No expensive location or salary to the CEO. Profit will support cultural events of some kind, that the Board of Advisors agrees on