International Society of Contemporary Art 

We are a non-profit organization, based in NYC. We have representatives in the USA, Cuba, Australia, Norway, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

Members of the International Society of Contemporary Art has submitted their art to the board of the society for viewing and have been qualified to be part of the society due to their unique art  


The International Society of Contemporary Art was established for the purpose of collecting, preserving and disseminating contemporary art through exhibitions, fairs and events as part of an innovative approach to the emerging and established market and the sharing of multicultural expressions.


International Society of Contemporary Art's mission is to improve the quality of contemporary art experience in the world as well as its affiliates in Sweden among others. This mission is achieved through its purpose to promote and enrich the career of contemporary artists through international exposure; establishing their works in the public sphere.

When approved, you are one of the highly respected artists in the world. You are free to use our logo and the letter of certification in your own marketing. 

Membership fees

Artist - yearly fee 95 USD
Supporting member yearly fee 45 USD


As a non-profit organization, we run ISCA on a low-cost profile. The board of advisors is working as voluntary. No expensive location or salary to the CEO. Profit will support cultural events of some kind, that the Board of Advisors agrees on 


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